Come as you are

When you walk through the doors of Cornerstone Tabernacle we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, afterall it is our wish that you be yourself and come as you are! Should you need anything while you are here, please stop by our Guest Table. 

Bring your friends

We want to be a place where you would be comfortable to bring your friends and family with you! The more guests the better!


If you are a first time guest, be sure to stop at our Guest Table for your free gift! 

"What about my kids?"

Bring them! The more the merrier!

○ Every Sunday at 10am our Sunday School teachers spend a whole hour with our children ages 3-12 yrs

old teaching them about the word of God.


○ We also provide Nursery for ages 0-2 years old during our Sunday services.


○ We haven't forgotten about our older kids, we also provide a variety of toy bags and books in our Reading Corner for anyone who may have a tough time sitting still during the message.



Our Core Principles


We exist to build healthy relationships with other believers. We want to build a community that anyone can rely for a helping hand. We do our very best to build a family atmosphere here at Cornerstone Tabernacle. When you walk through our doors you automatically become family.


We exist to serve others. It is our goal to go outside the walls and serve our community. We hope that when you join our family that you will carry the same ideals with you. We exist not only for our own self interests but the interests of others. 


We exist to serve and grow closer to God. This is our soul purpose here at Cornerstone Tabernacle. It is our hope and mission that through our services and ministries that you are given the tools to build a better relationship with Jesus Christ.